@Sharizzi Is a singer/Songwriter from Chicago, IL who blends a soulful tune with jazzy and classical melodies. 

J- Ex is an East LA based music producer/ beat maker mixing sounds ranging from Boom-bap style tunes to modern hip hop harmonies  

Only Us music label's, Tha Victor and Sap Tha Chosen1 are rappers/ song writers from Los Angeles, ca bringing a party vibe from the block mixed hood tales 

Carte Blanch and Shell Shocc are YTP or Yellow Tape Productions from South Central, LA are artists who bring an authentic street rap sound mixed with house party feels and hard rap 

Baldacci Tha Beast is EFxFort Music's artist/ song writer from South Central, LA who brings a mix of sophisticated gangsta rap tunes and hard lyrical penmanship 

Virginia native David Vines is a singer/ song writer who intertwines a conscience rap with a soulful sound for very strong unique sound

Jag, formerly known as Chubby Jag is a South Central, LA artist/ songwriter known for his lyrical bars and adaptive flow. Jag brings fly vibes and street anthems together for a very authentic new sound 

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